Karnatic Music is a highly systematized form of music unparalleled in the world. It takes the devout adherent to a most sublime level of consciousness. Man born like any other creature on this earth, begins to understand the divinity of his own self through a diligent practice of this system. Even a little knowledge and understanding of this science of Nada Brahma (God in his aspect of the primal sound) will make us appreciate the beauty of life ever more. Karnatic music is at once rich, deep, beautiful and enchanting. Over the millennia, this branch of human endeavour, evolved from the six note Samagana days to the highly scientific and exhaustive age of 22 sruthi notes. Rishis developed it, royals patronised it and saints sang it through the ages. Art intertwined with science. If scientific experimentation gave it richness of form, spiritual depth gave it richness of content. This powerful language of sound was fine tuned and expanded by its exponents to encompass all human emotions. Thevaram saints to Devarnama saints, this art has seen the most robust and noblest of men. Sarngyadevas, Parsvadevas, Somanathas and Venkatamakhis left for posterity a treasure of knowledge to last an eternity. Karnatic Music created angels of men like Thyagaraja, Muthuswamy Deekshithar and Syama Sasthri to name a few.

     In our efforts to preserve and promote this invaluable form of music and as a tribute to all the great masters, we have developed two unique products namely "The Beauty of Karnatic Music" and "Raganidhi". These products are available for download for a very small price. Please go to the "Products" section to buy the software. You can view a demo in the "Products Demo" section on the right.

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