Listed here are sample Krithis you can listen to (in blue text). Once you click on each Krithi, for some of them as part of this demo, we have also presented Pallavis, Anupallavis, Swarams etc which you can click and view. The screenshots presented in the demo are from the actual product.

Raganidhi contains over 150 krithis presented in 3 CD ROMs. Word by word meanings of all the krithis are presented. Raganidhi packs over 100 hours of vocal recording. Some of the other features include a database of ragams with an advanced search facility, Chapters on 22 Sruthis & Swarasthanas, Melakarthas etc.,Lessons on Twin Ragams, Ragalapana, Swarakalpana, Neraval, Grahabhedam, Gamakam, Ragamalikas.

Click below to view the list of all the krithis presented in Raganidhi.


Raganidhi - A Treasure Trove of Ragams