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The Beauty of Karnatic Music - Volume 1

The Beauty of Karnatic Music is a Karnatic Music Tutor Software originally released as two CD ROM's. Now for the first time they are available for download in two volumes. Volume 1 that you are about to download, covers lessons starting from the basic Saralee Swarams to Varnams.

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Contents of "Beauty of Karnatic Music" Volume 1

*About the CD Explains the methods of navigation of the CDs, the script and code used for Indian words, the team behind the project and the company profile.

*Introduction gives a brief on the course and evolution of Karnatic Music over the centuries, mythologicalreferences, details on the seven notes etc.

*Musicography discusses the notation used, symbols and a color code used to denote swarams of different sthayis or octaves etc.

*Science of Ragams is a comprehensive study and analysis of Ragas. It includes a tutorial that explains various swara sthanas or pitches of notes that form the saptha swaras and formation of the 72 melakartha (Parent) ragas. It lists about 2500 ragas. A live musical keyboard on the computer screen displays the swara sthanas marked for each of the 72 Parent ragas. This keyboard can be played with the click of the mouse. Each Melakartha has a list of its derivative or janya ragas showing the arohana- avarohana (ascending and descending scale) notes. The second edition has an added search facility and the moorchanas of all melakarthas are sung!

*The Rhythm is a chapter that deals with the subject of various thalas. Laghu, Drutham, Anudrutham and Adithalam are shown as small video clippings. Videos of the saptha thalams are presented in the Alankarams lesson in the Music Teacher chapter.

*The Music Teacher is the Life of the whole project. It offers interactive Vocal lessons for learning and practicing Karnatic Music from Saralee swarams to Varnams.

Lessons cover Saralee swarams-14, Jantaswarams-8, Hechchu sthayi swarams (High pitched Notes)-4, Thaggu sthayi swarams (Low pitched Notes)-4, Datu swarams (Skipped Notes)-4, Alankarams (7 Thalas) all of which are are sung in 3 speeds.The following Geethams, Malahari (4 geethams), Sudhdhasaveri, Desakshi, Sankarabharanam, Malayamarutham, Mohana, Kalyani, Saveri, Kambhoji, Anandabhairavi, Neelambari, Navarose, Nata (2 geethams), Varali, Sriragam, Goula and Laksshana geethams Devamanohari, Kedara ragams all sung in 2 or 3 kalams. have been included.Two Swarapallavis, Hindola and Vasantha and two Swara jathis Bilahari and Khamas are presented.Varnams cover, thana varnams in the ragams Abhogi, Arabhi, Begada, Bilahari,Darbar, Kambhoji, Kanada, Saveri, Sahana, Mohana, Hamsadhwani, Kalyani, Kedaragoula, Navaragamalika, Sriragam, Sankarabharanam, Vasantha, Thodi, Valaji (veena only), padavarnam in the ragam NataKurinji and ata thala varnam in the ragams Bhairavi, Sankarabharanam and Kalyani.

For practising the lessons, students have access to a Sruthi Selector (similar to an electronic thambura) to set their own sruthi (panchamam or madhyamam) as well as a Thalam Selector. A chapter on Phonetics is also presented for students to learn the proper pronunciation of Karnatic Music terms.

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